Xbox Series X: Microsoft to launch a new controller for the console’s 20th anniversary

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the very first console, Microsoft teased on Twitter the arrival of a new Xbox controller. Voluntarily darkened, the image gives little information about it. Many are hoping for the return of The Duke, the legendary controller from the beginnings of Xbox.

Although it was not a huge commercial success, the first Xbox made its mark as spearhead of Microsoft’s video game proposition. Released on November 15, 2021, we are slowly approaching 20 years since its launch. Microsoft does not intend to miss the opportunity to celebrate this event. On Twitter, the firm posted an enigmatic photo. We see a controller lurking in the shadows, accompanied by the mention “20 years of play in your hands”.

We therefore expect the Xbox Series X and its sisters to have a new controller. The manufacturer has not given more information, but we can easily imagine that it will be available on birthday. In the meantime, the theories are rife. Many players are hoping for the return of The Duke, the controller with a design, say, unique to the first model.

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Will the Xbox Series be entitled to a The Duke controller?

It is therefore surely more out of nostalgia than out of a desire for ergonomics that players want to get their hands on The Duke. However, according to the photo posted by Microsoft, this does not appear to have been the chosen choice. The controller looks more like that of the Xbox 360, a console that has really enabled the firm to carve out a lasting place for itself in the world of video games.

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We will therefore have to wait before knowing more. In any case, this is not the first time that Microsoft has paid tribute to its first home console. Last May, the publisher made the mythical Xbox theme available on the latest models. What to take a small leap in time, at the time when it was necessary twist their fingers to play Halo.

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