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Xavi promises a strong hand: “I am going to put order and demand”

Xavi promises a strong hand: "I am going to put order and demand"

Xavi Hernández, who began by acknowledging his “emotion” at the reception, explained that “I know I am arriving at a difficult time”, but “if we all row together it will make us go up”. He is going to impose “order and maximum demand” on the players because here “the remarkable is not worth, only the excellence”, promising that “I will return by ten all the support of the people”

What did you think of the reception of the people?

We cannot fail people. We have to give everything to give it back to the people and multiplied by a thousand if necessary.

What will your first steps be?

I come with a very clear idea. Train hard. I come with all the illusion in the world. I’m going to convince everyone, I’m here to deliver results. I come to win and play well.

Is it more pressure to be compared to Pep Guardiola?

Being compared to Guardiola is already a success. He is a reference for me, the best coach in the world. Any comparison right now is bad for me.

Do you have a solution for injuries and medical services?

Put order. We have an idea. We have to solve this problem, improve on the issue of prevention and avoid so many injuries. We are very concerned about it. We have some ideas about it.

How important is winning?

We are at Barça, they have taught me that drawing or losing is a funeral. It cannot be that it is lost or tied and nothing happens …

What do you plan to do with the template?

My first objective is to help the players. It’s not about being tough but talking to them. But you need order and demand, without order and demand you will not go anywhere.

When can you impose your style of play?

We are already thinking about the derby. We will prepare you to win. Work very hard and with great demand. We are not in the best moment of history.

Have you learned from many coaches?

Van Gaal, Joan Vilà, Valero, Guardiola, Luis Enrique, Rijkaard, even my father. We are all children of Johan.

What will day to day be like?

They have to be more professional than ever. Without order, we do not compete.

Do you think about strengthening the team?

I have not seen the team yet, many are with their national teams. The idea is to recover players. It is early to talk, but you always have to be attentive to the market to try to reinforce. You have to work on tactics and all the details.

What does the team need the most?

I cannot speak of things that I have not seen. From my experience order and demand are necessary. Both the players and us.

Have you talked to Messi?

I have friendship with Leo and he wished me the best of luck, we made a bit of a joke.

Are extremes non-negotiable in your game?

Yes, we are working hard. We have extremes of a high level, but we have to recover them. I want to play with open ends.

Which line are you most concerned about?

It is not a problem of lines, but of working as a block. The goalkeeper is the first striker and the striker the first defender.

Can so much injury be stopped?

There are going to be injuries, but now there are too many.

Why haven’t you come to Barça before?

The first two times they came we didn’t feel it, I thought it was early. I had to be very honest with myself. First they came in winter and then in summer, but we didn’t see it clearly either. Much uncertainty. I have a very good relationship with Jan. He called me and I had no doubts. He is a guy who speaks clearly and does not have two faces.

How will you manage veterans?

The plan like all. We start from scratch, but the advantage is that I know them. I’ll tighten them even more. They have to lead the dressing room. They are very important. I know their flaws and virtues. They are the captains and they have to pull the cart. Nobody starts with an advantage.

Is Barça DNA immovable?

The best way to win is to play well. They are all respectable, but we want to play on the attack, playing happily, with strong pressure, looking for superiorities, finding the free man.

Is it true that you had an offer from Brazil?

It is true, they offered me to be second and after the World Cup to take the national team.

Will Umtiti and Lenglet have more minutes?

I do not know. I have to see them. Everyone starts from scratch and I count on everyone. Performance and requirement.

Former players who have flown to their club have not always done well

Barça is the most difficult club in the world because not only is it worth winning but also playing well. I hope to be in the group of Pep or Zidane, more than in the other.

Who will be the leader in your team?

I don’t believe in a specific leader. Messi was a great leader on the pitch, but he was an introvert outside. Iniesta, a bit the same. Puyol was a great leader, on and off the field. I rather believe in different leaderships.

3-4-3 or 4-3-3?

More than the game system, it is the idea. At Al Sadd we played 3-4-3 because we were very dominant, here we may start 3-4-3.

Do you agree on the Dream Teen nickname for this team?

I think we have a generation of young people, with Nico, Gavi and Balde, extraordinary. Here each game is a final exam and you have to help them.

Will Nico, Gavi and Riqui have it easier?

There is plenty of talent, as well as Araujo, Fati, Mingueza. That Gavi is 17 years old and does incredible things.

Later, the brand new Barcelona coach made his first statements on Barça TV

Sensations: “I know that he arrived in a complicated situation. I like challenges. I am a competitive person and as culé I cannot be in a better place. It is a spectacular challenge. I am going to leave my skin and life so that everything works well.”

Potential: “There are teams to do great things. I have experienced good and bad things and I feel prepared for the greatest challenge of my career”

Illusion in the family: “My mother, like all my family, we are very culés. Today is even my wife’s birthday, which I take the opportunity to publicly congratulate because she turns 40 … There will be criticism and pressure. That demands us, but our goal is to win titles or at least be close to getting them. I see a lot of illusion. I know that the expectations are high and that is the illusion of the culés. And I am one more. We practically do not have time and soon we will start competing. The calendar is beast , but the summary is illusion. “

How was the call: “The president called me and told me it had to be me. Both parties wanted him to be here, I told him I had a clause and things got a bit complicated. What we have is wanting to take the team, talk to him. dressing room make a talk. I thank the club for going to Qatar. “

Ideas: “I arrive prepared. My DNA has not changed. What I want is for us to have the ball, to go on the attack, not to speculate. Beyond the system, that we can vary, the important thing is the idea. An intense Barça. We have to recover the pressure and many things, but I think there is a team, there is talent and a fantastic generation of young people. I want to transmit enthusiasm “.

Knowledge: “In the end it is an advantage to know the club, to have gone through different circumstances. I think I can know if the player has anguish, how he feels. But we have to be united. The message would be that we have to stop isms, and go all to one because it is a historically delicate moment for the entity. We all have to go to one “.

Talk to the players: “As a coach, the first message is that I am here to help them personally. I will demand a lot from them but it will help them. For me it is an advantage to know Sergio Busquets, who for me is extraordinary. I know what weak points they can have and I know how they work and train. Sergio, Jordi, Ter Stegen, Sergi Roberto, Piqué. I want to explain the idea of ​​work, the rules of coexistence. I don’t like the word discipline, but it is a matter of order. In the end, the wear and tear will be tremendous. I like challenges. I am very competitive and I will try to convey this illusion to the players, but I am prepared. “

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