Xavi parks optimism with Dembélé

Until now, on all the occasions that he was asked about the future of Ousmane Dembélé, Xavi Hernández was convinced and sure that finally the Frenchman would end up renewing. And it is that in each and every one of the conversations he had had with the forward, he had shown him his desire to continue, also thanking him for his words of support and absolute confidence.

However, little by little the facts have ended up contradicting the words. Time after time, Xavi was watching how the player was getting dizzy -not to say directly lying-, while his agent went to his, demanding impossible wages and asking for the moon. The situation became especially tense a few days before the end of the year when Dembélé and Xavi sealed, shaking hands, a gentlemen’s agreement to prevent this situation from being prolonged, the player committing to accept the renewal offer. A few days later, Mousa Sissoko again contradicted everything that was discussed with her client.

From here, events have gone from bad to worse. Xavi, after learning from Mateu Alemany the intransigence of the agent, called Ousmane -the player was positive and could not go to the Ciutat Esportiva- to ask for explanations and the forward again excused himself in a misunderstanding. But it seems that the explanations no longer convinced the coach, who was very disappointed.

This situation has left a deep concern for the coach, who until now was the only stronghold that Ousmane still had at the club. And we say until now, because Xavi has already started to throw in the towel. So much so that from their environment they assure us that “every day is more pessimistic” about the possibility that Dembélé renews, recognizing that “it does not look good”.

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Another thing will be to see what are the measures that the club prepares in the event that Ousmane rejects the renewal: the option of punishing him for six months in the stands, As some people from the club propose, it would not be to the liking of the coach, preferring, in the worst case, to give him the letter of freedom this January.

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