Xavi: “My renewal? I won’t be a problem for Barça”

Xavi Hernández spoke at the press conference prior to this Saturday’s game against Real Sociedad. These were his impressions once, with the title in his pocket, matters for the future were dispatched at Barça.

How do you face tomorrow’s game?

We are happy, proud. And tomorrow’s game is to enjoy it. It’s a time to celebrate with people like the other day at the rúa, which was extraordinary. Tomorrow they give us the League but before that there is a game and we want to finish with a good feeling.

What happened to Mateu?

Mateu has been very clear. He has told us that he wanted to be here, that he has realized that Barça is great and that he wanted to return. There’s no more. I have always said that Mateu is an extraordinary person, a brutal worker who has brought order to this club and that is good news for Barça. Jordi is leaving. We cannot go any further. Mateu stays…, we’ll see tomorrow what happens. But the situation is like this.

What do you like about Zubimendi?

I like all the Real. Zubimendi is an extraordinary pivot. He wins duels, understands the game, with and without the ball. He is extraordinary.

I would see the City-Madrid. Do you understand that the League weighs more after 4-0?

I imagine that for the culés it will be a joy. For the professionals inside, the thermometer is to see people on the street excited and happy. When you see people with this illusion, it is priceless. For us it is of no importance but to do things well. Right now I don’t change for anyone. You have to remember to see how we were last year. We have won the League, a Super Cup… Right now I am not changing for anyone.

How about the rúa, how did you live it?

I was surprised by so many people, but then you think that four years ago you didn’t win a big title. There was illusion and desire. This club is pure passion, we have generated enthusiasm and people took to the streets. They have suffered to win this League and it was time to celebrate.

Has your happiest week been on the Barça bench?

Yes. I was also very happy to win the Super Cup in Arabia because that gave us peace of mind and that gave us stability. It has been a magical week. I congratulate the president for having a competitive team. And to the players, who are the protagonists.

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What did City remind you of?

I don’t like the word bathed in football. It is not constructive. City showed a lot of superiority and took advantage of it. For me it is the best team in the world.

Have you talked about the renewal?

It will not be a problem. It is not the priority neither my renewal nor that of the staff. But I won’t be a problem for Barça. I have read that there are discrepancies. I won’t be a problem for Barça.

Has Barça had a better season than Madrid?

Write it yourself if you want. We have had a great season but our scale is inside. You don’t have to compare it with others.

Have you celebrated a lot?

I have no voice, I no longer celebrate. It has been well celebrated. The players realize the greatness of this club. That is the best thermometer for the club.

Do you see many years here or do you think you will have a short cycle at Barça? There is the case of Guardiola.

I would stay for the rest of my life but this is about results and performance. It has been a great season. He gives me credit to continue, but this is about results. This is the most demanding club in the world. I continue with the illusion of doing bigger things. It depends on the results.

Are there exams in these four games or has this been decided?

Everything is decided almost one hundred percent. This is not going to help. It is important to finish with good feelings but we are not going to decide for these four games. Minority targets are important. Being the least thrashed team, Robert Lewandowski’s top scorer, Ter Stegen’s.

The next screen in Europe?

It is evidence. Get titles and give more stature in the Champions League. We are aware of it.

What grade would you give the team?

Note myself. I would give the team an A, because we have not met expectations in Europe.

Does the priority reinforcement have to be the pivot?

Yes. It’s obvious. We need a defensive midfielder.

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