Xavi lays the carpet for Dembélé: now or never

Ousmane Dembélé, with only 20 minutes played This season, he has positioned himself as the key player in Xavi Hernández’s new project, to whom the gates of heaven have been opened when it is fulfilled. the Frenchman’s fourth season at the Camp Nou.

Xavi’s phrase in his presentation in which he assured that “His renewal is a priority, well worked he can be the best footballer in the world in his position. It has spectacular conditions. It is very important, yes, that you have a winning mentality, that you have performance. Yes, his renewal is a priority right now ”has fallen like rain in May on the French player who is currently negotiating his renewal. Dembélé ends his contract with Barça on June 30 and Barcelona’s idea until now was to renew him to prevent him from leaving with the freedom letter.

However, Xavi’s words can change the landscape. Until now the situation was that of mutual suspicion between the parties. Neither Barça trusted the forward because of his continuous injuries, nor did the player see that his future lay in the Blaugrana club. For some time now, however, the player began to see with better eyes the option of staying at Barcelona, ​​but according to the Camp Nou, his agents were the ones who were most interested in delaying the renewal to be able to negotiate with other teams with the freedom card in hand.

But Xavi’s words in his presentation act may have turned the negotiation around in every way. In the same press room where Xavi delivered them, Laporta affirmed that “understood”. In other words, the board pointed out the first duty that the new technician had entrusted to them. On the other hand, from the player’s environment they assure that these words are what Ousmane has been waiting for from a Barça coach for a long time.

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At the moment, it does not seem that Dembélé will have the opportunity to show Xavi immediately that he is not wrong in his diagnosis. After playing 20 minutes in Kiev at a high level in his comeback after being injured in the Eurocup, Dembélé is still out and does not seem to be able to reappear against Espanyol. Maybe a few minutes because the game in which Barcelona plays a good part of the season is played the following Tuesday against Benfica in the Champions League.

But beyond these two games, the arrival of Xavi has opened the doors of heaven for Ousmane Dembélé, who is facing his last chance as a Blaugrana. If it doesn’t work with Xavi, it will hardly work with any coach. For now, Xavi has given him confidence and has changed the entire structure of physical trainers, something that the French striker will surely appreciate like no one else within the Blaugrana squad.

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