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Xavi ‘dribbles’ the friendly for seven players

Xavi Hernández has had to make bobbin lace to make everyone happy. On the one hand, to the organizers, to see that an eleven with a face and eyes aligns, with a total of eight players from the first team, with Dani Alves as the main attraction, and on the other for his own interest in modulating the effortsTaking into account that they come from a great effort on Sunday in Pamplona and that on Saturday they have a final at the Camp Nou against Elche.

Hence, Xavi has decided to leave six players out of the friendly against Boca. These are, in many cases, players who have played practically everything, or who come out of an injury or who are running as starters against Elche. In the first case we are talking about Ter Stegen, Piqué, Frenkie and Sergio Busquets, while in the second there is Dembélé and in the last, Luuk and Umtiti.

In any case, of these seven players that Xavi has reserved, there is one who will not be able to help the team this Saturday in LaLiga when he completes the card cycle. We are talking about Piqué, who will miss the match due to suspension.

Other players who will surely be headlines before andl Elche start on the bench, like Araújo, Nico and Gavi. It should be remembered that Abde has not been able to travel to Arabia due to bureaucratic problems with his passport, as he is a Moroccan national.

Looking ahead to the game this Saturday, Xavi will recover Jordi Alba, who had to withdraw from the game against Bayern due to problems in the hamstrings of his right leg, but fortunately the break was ruled out, so he could be discharged hours before the match.

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