Xavi closes the tap on Gerard Piqué and knocks out Pablo Motos’s El Hormiguero

The rules of the new technician have been clear and a bit exaggerated

The newly released coach of the FC Barcelona, Xavi Hernandez, is beginning to put order in the Barça dressing room and this has undoubtedly directly affected the visit that Gerard Piqué I was going to do The Hormiguero. A very complex situation for the sports field and for national entertainment.

“We have to put order because when there has been, we have done well,” he said. Xavi the day of its presentation. Said and done. As reported Juanma Castaño in El Partidazo de la COPE chain, the new coach would have made a drastic decision and one that has taken many by surprise.

Pique Bayern
The Catalan defender will no longer be in El Hormiguero

The arrival of Xavi to the Barcelona team has brought many changes

He has canceled the interview that Gerard Piqué had planned to give in the El Hormiguero program of Pablo Motos on Antena 3 next week. A decision that would try to stop the increasingly crowded agenda of Piqué and that has little to do with matters related to football.

It was one of the biggest problems predicted with the arrival of Xavi to the dressing room: meeting with colleagues with whom he shared a stage as a player. And one of them is Piqué, who in recent weeks has appeared in various events that had to do with his role as a businessman and not as a footballer.

It was in 2019 when Piqué was the last time in El Hormiguero

Xavi’s intention is for the Barcelona players to have no distractions other than to focus on getting the team out of the situation they are going through. This measure that prevents Piqué from participating in El Hormiguero would prevent the player from having to travel to Madrid and spend the night in the Spanish capital.

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In the same way, the fans of the FC Barcelona player will have to wait to see him again before the famous ants Trancas and Barrancas. The last time he went to the Antena 3 program was in 2019 and it will still be necessary to wait for the situation that Barca is going through.

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