Jordi Xammar (December 2, 1993, Barcelona) has seen his dream of being the pilot of the F50 Victoria in SailGP come true. He has already debuted at the last event of Season 2, in San Francisco, and heading into Season 3, which kicks off the weekend of May 14-15 in Bermuda, he will be unopposed. Bronze medalist in Tokyo 2020, in the 470 class, will combine SailGP with the Olympic cycle ahead of the Paris Games. “There is time for everything,” he confesses to AS. On the 5th he will head to Bermuda together with Trittel, Botín, Cardona, Rodríguez and Barceló to try to continue making history in Spanish sailing. He is the leader of a 100% Olympic crew who will be looking to go head-to-head in SailGP with legends like Tom Slingsby (Australia), Ben Ainslie (Great Britain), Peter Burling (New Zealand), Nathan Outteridge (Japan) and Jimmy Spithill (USA).

-What feelings do you have for Sail GP Season 3?

-Very good. In San Francisco we already saw glimpses of the potential of this team and I think it’s going to be a magnificent year for Spain. I was very happy with my experience the first day I took the controls of the F50 in San Francisco because we did very well and we are going to go for it.

-They will face sailing stars like Ben Ainslie, Tom Slingsby…

-Obviously we know the magnitude of the challenge because that is what it is, in the other boats there are authentic legends of our sport. It is that they are sailors that until recently most of us persecuted them to ask them for photos. But we think we can fight them. There is a lot of work ahead to do and I have a feeling that season 3 could be very good for the Spanish team despite the fact that we can be considered relatively new.

-They already have a season behind them, but they are the youngest crew. Is good or bad?

-Hopefully very few will beat us and we know we can be ahead if we do things right. It will be difficult, but the goal is to be at the top. We are the youngest team, yes, and the one with the least experience, but our favor is that we are the ones who have been sailing together the longest. This was born with the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup and we have not stopped working together for six years. It is a great challenge and I am proud of who accompanies me. Before companions we are friends. SailGP is our passion, we give life. It will be a great year, Spain will fight to be at the top.

-Have you lost your fear of the F50?

-I got on in San Francisco because the six companions sat me down at a table and told me they wanted me to take it now. I was convinced that I didn’t want to get on because I felt I wasn’t ready, but the confidence of my teammates made me push forward. What’s more, I still tell myself that what I’m doing is very strong. Although I go to the maximum because my colleagues infect me every day with their enthusiasm and desire. There are no doubts that are worth, thoroughly.

-Without fear, but with respect…

-That always. I am clear that it is a boat that when you sail it, from a certain wind, there is fear, although when you compete you go on gas and there are no doubts or fears. My colleagues have more experience than me, they have a season behind them and I only have one event, so I ask a lot. I want to learn and I rely on listening and growing every day.

How do you know when you’re doing it right?

-For Bermuda I am one hundred percent involved in what is going to be done well. They are boats that you have to be very focused on and be very aware of the crew. We are all very important. We are going with a boat at 90 kilometers per hour, two or three sailors are crossing to the other side of the boat… we have to go all out and always be attentive. When do I know that I am doing well? When you go full throttle and with brutal speed.

-What can you tell us about the F50?

-They are the fastest flying catamarans in the world, which can reach 100 km/hour. What I would highlight the most are the foils, the one on the rudder and the one on the daggerboard. The first manages to plan the hull and its objective is to sail at maximum height and achieve less friction to gain speed. And that of the daggerboard is to counteract the lateral force of the wind on the case. They are incredible, very beautiful to see and the good thing is that the competitions are close to the ports, which allows them to see them very closely at full capacity.

-How would you define each crew member?

-Florian Trittel is talent; Diego Botín, one out of series; Joan Cardona, brilliant; Joel Rodriguez, power; and Paula Barceló is ambitious.

-And you?

– A survivor who tries to keep up with these cracks.


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