The Paris 2024 Games will have a new discipline in its program: breakdancing. An inclusion criticized by some, praised by others, but that the IOC adds by increasing the demand for this modality and by increasing the boom among young people. The qualifying process for the Games is yet to be seen, but the most outstanding b-boys on the international scene tune in each great event, each great tournament, for when the time comes. On Saturday, December 4, and precisely in Paris, the World Cup is held, and Spain will be led by Xak (34 years old). “I train from Monday to Saturday for six hours every day,” the Andalusian told AS. He moved months ago to the CAR in Madrid after receiving a scholarship and, being an Olympic sport, the aid increased and the improvements were evident: “People train mostly in the subway stations: Nuevos Ministerios, Embajadores, Chamartín …”, says about the sites where numerous national b-boys hang out today: “And the national level is getting higher and higher.”

To dedicate himself to breakdancing, Juan de la Torre, as he is truly called (“I put it on when I was a teenager in an internet café and I stayed with it”), has a degree in Law from the University of Granada and practiced as a lawyer. He started with breakdancing in his native Lucena, continued in the city of the Alhambra and was the best in Spain. National titles, great international performances … but there came a time when Xak had to decide. “At 29 I broke with everything I had to fully dedicate myself to breakdancing. It was a very difficult decision, made almost from a depressed state because everything was against me (future, money …), but I had the feeling that I could not die without making this decision, “he confesses. He also works on issues related to dance: advice for the youngest, sponsorships with Red Bull, conferences … and he participated last November in the Red Bull BC One World Final by direct invitation, something reserved only for the best on the planet.

The breakdancing competition is developed with direct duels, two b-boys or b-girls come face to face and random music plays: “I go on the dance floor without knowing the music that they are going to play me, but I have to be prepared for anything. Judges usually value fluidity, maturity, presence … “, he explains. They are already 18 years old, at an average of 20 events per season, which Xak has been practicing. “We usually go to many competitions for invitations. From France, for example, they call us a lot”, bill. “The money from the Sports Dance Federation helps us to also go to some outstanding competitions.” The range of countries that dominate the modality is increasingly wide: “At a global level, I would say that the United States and Japan. Regarding Europe, Russia, France, the Netherlands … and then we, Spain, who have grown a lot in recent years. “

Xak considers himself “a veteran” since many b-boys usually leave him after 30. “Of my generation, only me is left, and I feel strong physically and mentally. And ahead, there is the challenge of Paris 2024. “To those who criticize breakdancing, update, watch videos on YouTube or go to a competition to see it and judge for themselves,” he explains. “The Games will serve to eliminate stereotypes that we have. Some are still anchored in New York 70. It is a world far removed from drugs. If we have anti-doping controls like any athlete! Xak highlights. A national benchmark that pursues the Olympic dream.


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