Xabi ignores the rumors that place him in Madrid

Xabi Alonso has appeared this midday in Zubieta to analyze the visit of the Real Sociedad subsidiary to Ibiza to get up from the defeat against Mirandés.

– Hit on the last day. “There are still points left, and there is nothing decided and that is left behind, and what he taught us is that we do not have to repeat and we must go back to the games in which we have competed well and thus we have been able to change the dynamic, and that is the objective of the party of Ibiza”.

-Defeat against Mirandés. “We’ve talked about it and seen it, and it can happen. In a game in which we didn’t have enough energy, we were always one step behind, and this didn’t allow us to be loose with the ball. Because the worse we defend, the worse we attack”.

-Another hit to get up from. “During the year we have lived with many strong sticks, we have been able to fit them well, because what happened to us against Mirandés had already happened to us before. The important thing is to detect what was done wrong so that it does not happen again”.

-Many players with the sub-21. “This situation is always complicated, but this time they have made it more difficult for us. Because it weakens us a lot and it is not something that favors us at the moment. After losing three players, then we lost another due to Lobete’s call. No We are here to concede too much, we have not been helped and we have communicated this, but we have been preparing everything as best as possible and I am sure that, as we have done in other fields, we can compete”.

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-Coexistence with casualties. “We are living with this situation a lot. Those who are there day by day do a very good job, wanting to prepare us for what is to come. And looking ahead to Saturday we have had a good week and we have the players who were in the dynamics of first team. It annoys you not being able to count on everyone, but with those who are, I am convinced that we can compete”.

-Ibiza de Jemez. “It has the same players but it has changed with Paco Jémez. It is a very practical team because it has players who want to try a lot of things, they demand a lot of you and force you to do a lot, for better or for worse, because they score a lot of goals, but they also fit in a lot. But it will still be a difficult and demanding game.”

-Keep insisting“There are many points left and many things can happen, and in a few weeks things can change radically. Hopefully we can generate more changes by cutting points and that’s where we want to be.”

-Possible interest from Real Madrid. “Well, since I know how the world of football moves, I don’t give it much importance. I know the house and I don’t have much more to say”

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