Home Sports Xabi Alonso’s Sanse threatens the strength of José Alberto today

Xabi Alonso’s Sanse threatens the strength of José Alberto today

El Sanse de Xabi Alonso amenaza hoy la fortaleza de José Alberto


Xabi Alonso’s Sanse threatens the stronghold of a Malaga that has not lost at La Rosaleda since May 20 to compensate for the fact that it does not work out. The Real affiliate, which has taken eight points out of a possible 18 away from home, You can count on Cristo Romero, a player on loan from the Costa del Sol. There is no ‘fear clause’ because the royalists paid, as a transfer premium, about 500,000 euros. José Alberto, Malaguista coach, He will not be able to count on Chavarría, who has been injured again. He has the doubt of Kevin, a born dribbler very punished by the opponents. His left ankle is like a tomato. However, it has been possible to train. Sekou, Hicham and Luis Muñoz complete the infirmary. Málaga is already looking for a forward thinking about the winter market.

Antoñín may have a new opportunity. The player, on loan from Granada, seems to be coming out of the jam where his talent was. If he plays down the left wing, Brandon could play upstairs with Roberto. Jozabed, starter in Oviedo, could start the duel on the bench. Options for Peybernes to regain ownership by forming a couple with Juande Rivas. JAL has the last word.

A clawed Sanse

Few times has José Alberto been so praiseworthy with an opponent as now with Xabi Alonso’s team. “It is a spectacular physical level team. As for the data they have. They are breaking all records in distance traveled or meters of high intensity. “Words reinforced by the opinion in Ser Deportivos Málaga by Javi Gracia considering Real” The best-playing team in Spain. “A dangerous subsidiary that scores more outside than in his lares and that in addition to the aforementioned Cristo Romero will have one of the pearls of the future, Karrikaburu, hero of the promotion against Algeciras.

Xabi Alonso’s Sanse has taken eight of the 14 points he has at home. He is more comfortable away from home than in Donostia. As we say it is a dangerous visitor. Youth is an ally for the Real affiliate, because it allows them to have good physical capacity in weeks like this in which there are two games in just a few days. As a good mother team, Sanse has Turrientes, Olasagasti and the talented Lobete with the first team. Even so, its raw material is of the highest quality.

Aces to follow

Malaga. Genaro. He has been scoring for two days in a row, three if we count the goal that was unfairly annulled in Huesca. Very good arrival.

Sanse. Djouahra. Against Las Palmas he completed a great game coming off the bench and earned the opportunity to start in Malaga. His one-on-one overflow ability is one of the Sanse’s weapons.

The details of the match.

Fortress in La Rosaleda. Malaga have not lost at home and have only conceded one goal in front of their audience. It is more reliable than away from home.

Lack of goal. It costs the realistic subsidiary to generate scoring chances and therefore see the door. Of course, when it arrives it does not usually fail, it is effective.

Left side. There is no definitive owner of that side. Cufré and Javo Jiménez do not end up deciding that position used to alternations.

No ball. Foals must improve at work when they do not have the ball. Learning to suffer without possession is the next step to continue adapting to the demands of the category.

Ups and downs

Malaga. Chavarría has been injured again. Sekou, Hicam and Luis Muñoz remain low.

Sanse: Alex Sola and Ezkurdia are out due to injury. Turrientes and Lobete with the first team.

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