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X-ray of ecommerce in Germany

These are the top Amazon sellers in the world

Germany is the second most populous country in Europe after Russia and more than 80% of the inhabitants are online consumers. Like many other European markets, Germany has experienced tremendous development in terms of e-commerce.

In 2010, the B2C eCommerce revenue were from €20.2 billion in the German country. Since then, they have not stopped growing. In fact, last year 2022, ecommerce revenues increased to reach 97,400 million. According to the survey ‘Cross-border E-commerce Shopper Survey 2022‘ Realized by CPI, 42% of German consumers shop at least once a week. The average for the 39 markets analyzed in the survey was 34%.

Strong Amazon presence

The survey also highlights the strong presence of Amazon in Germany. Germany and the United Kingdom were the first European markets in which the company founded by Jeff Bezos established itself in 1998. This presence is probably the reason for the strong position they have in the German market today. In fact, the study shows that 37% of German online consumers made their most recent purchase on Amazon.

Amazon tops the list followed by other big players like otto, Zalando, MediaMarkt and Ikea. According to the study E-commerce in Germany of Statistathe top five online stores in the German market accounted for 37% of the top 500 net sales in 2021.

Home delivery, preferred delivery method

In general terms, consumers increasingly demand a sector with greater omnichannel and click and collet It is an option that is growing strongly in some European markets. However, home deliveries remain the preferred delivery method for German consumers.

According to the study, 53% prefer that the product they purchased arrives directly at their home, while 16% prefer to have the package left in the mailbox and only 4% state that they prefer to pick it up at the store or at a delivery point. During 2022, 9% of German online consumers paid extra for faster delivery.

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