X-ray of a staunch Trump supporter: ‘This persecution only makes me love him more’

The United States is an extremely polarized country, according to 66% of citizens surveyed by YouGov. In this tension scenario, one might think that the voters want to bet on political stability. But the truth is, the Republican Party is now the lead candidate for the 2024 presidency, and polls show that re-election is looming Joe Biden In a general election, it is precisely Donald Trump. The main opposition figure is a man who has been charged with a total of 78 felony counts and three federal charges against him as he fights for that nomination.

Trump may be viewed by many as a villain who threatens the country’s democratic pillars, but the truth is for the other half American is a hero. Or even worse, a martyr than the justice system he tries to kill politically.

USA.-Trump insists his allegations are “election interference” and appeals to Supreme Court for intervention
UNITED STATES. Trump insists his allegations are “election interference” and appeals to the Supreme Court to interveneEurope Press/Contact/Brian CahnEUROPAPRESS

“They come to get me, because later they will get you,” is the slogan that the ex-president tried to inculcate in his supporters. The result was a resounding success that boosts fundraising for his campaign every time prosecutors announce something new about his crimes.

“All this persecution only makes me love him more,” she says. Suzanne Monkan American who arrived in Washington this week from Long Island, New York, to support Trump while he faces charges in the capital for allegedly trying to defraud the country about the outcome of the 2020 election.

Like Monk, hundreds of people traveled from across the country to join their leader in what they called “the black day in American history.” For Trump’s supporters, he was “the best president we’ve ever had and he will always have our unconditional support.”

“No matter how many times we have to defend him, My family and I will always be indebted to him (Trump) for everything he has doneasserted a pro-Trump protester, who held a US flag as a symbol of patriotism and support for what he believes to be “the president who has accomplished most things since he was remembered.”

Suzzane Monk was pregnant with her third daughter when she first voted for it Donald Trump in the 2016 election. Today she says that as a woman she never thought about voting for the businessman. He didn’t do it when the allegations against him became known that he paid the very porn actress Stormy Danielseven when the verdict for abuse against the writer was announced E Jean Carroll. For her, “women who work to represent the reformist interests of progressives have no credibility,” she says.

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“Biden Fire Extinguisher”

Agrees with the prosecution thesis doll fountain, Republican political strategist, for whom the trials against Trump are a “witch hunt that has been going on for many years,” he says. “It seems like we’re in a Latin American country,” says this supporter of the former president, originally from Nicaragua. “Every time there is an indictment against it Hunter Biden“There is an indictment against Trump because he is the firefighter of this family,” he says. your fire extinguisher”.

The protesters who have gathered around the courthouse where Trump has been accused of violating their civil rights as voters believe their time will come. “We Americans open our eyes and realize that this administration’s Justice Department is corrupt,” they say.

To understand their motivations, one has to face the task of understanding a deeply nationalistic section of the population that describes itself as “…”. victim of a system that they think he smacked them with the idea of ​​globalization and that he didn’t put it at the top of the list of priorities.

Next year two countries will compete against each other in the same election. Two visions of America with donald trump as the main actor. Whether he is a hero or a villain will probably also be the result of the polls. The way there will be long. According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll today, 52% of Republican voters say they would not vote for the former president if he were convicted of a crime. In the past however Trump has shown he is capable of topping the polls.

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