X Pro (formerly Tweetdeck) is no longer a free application

Tweetdeck, the app for managing your Twitter accounts (now called X), was recently rebranded to X Pro. In addition to the name change and new features, The app will no longer be free.

Several X Pro users notice that when loading the app You will be asked for a subscription to X Premium (formerly Twitter Blue).. And it appears that customers who were already subscribed and unverified were opted out and asked to pay for the new subscription to access X Pro.

The move is not entirely unexpected as the X support team mentioned the change back in early July. The announcement was accompanied by several new features introduced to the platform.

The support team had also asked users to verify themselves within 30 days to continue using the service. According to this deadline, the date has already passed.

While the redesign is a welcome update for some, adding a verified requirement to a service that’s been free since launch isn’t so much. If you want to keep using it, you’ll have to settle for spending money on the Blue subscription every month.

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