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Worst heat: Animals start dying in India


The worst heat wave in India has made life impossible for humans as well as animals.

According to the Indian media report, severe heat and cold in the Indian state of Bhubaneswar have ruined the lives of humans as well as animals.

Bats have started dying as a result of the heat wave in Jajpur district of Odisha due to the worst heat, the forest department has started sprinkling water to protect the bats from the heat.

According to environmental experts, bats actually come in direct contact with the hot air wave and fall down and die.

It should be noted that Kabat Banda village is considered to be a safe habitat for bats, there are three big and old trees on the banks of Brahmani river where about 5000 bats are found. The villagers consider them sacred and therefore protect them, the villagers are also worried about the death of the bats due to the scorching heat.

It should be noted that like other states of the country, scorching sun and hot air have paralyzed the life system of the people in Odisha. In some areas of the state, the temperature remains at 43 to 44 degrees Celsius.

The Indian Meteorological Department has predicted rain and thundershowers in Ganjam, Puri, Jagatsinghpur and Sambalpur, however, the IMD has also predicted thundershowers at several places in the state in the next five days. .

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