Worldline is preparing to integrate Bizum as a payment method in in-person trading

World line was one of the first payment platforms to integrate Bizum into the payment options of its platform for online sales, currently They are working on adding this payment method to their in-person shopping options soon. within its omnichannel platform.

According to Worldine, Bizum will play a leading role in areas such as the food industry, restaurants and food delivery services, leveraging its omnichannel approach. Originally from Spain and designed for transactions between individuals, Bizum has today become one of the fastest growing payment alternatives, especially among the younger generation, thanks to its speed and ease of use.

In 2021, Amid the pandemic, Worldline integrated Bizum into its payment method platform for online transactions, and will soon be available as an omnichannel solution for personal shopping, enabling payment at any stage of the process (delivery or pickup) or through any channel. “The integration of Bizum is part of the market logic“, Comments Ladislao López, Head of Food Retail at Worldline Iberia. «It is a widely used means of payment and is often used in retail, particularly in restaurants and food delivery services. Its versatility enables omnichannel use, as purchasing and payment processes are currently mostly hybrid processes. A transaction can begin online and be completed in a physical store or vice versa. The main goal is to simplify the payment process while always maintaining a high level of security in all transactions“.

On the other hand, checkbooks for payment in restaurants, which are already outdated, are being replaced by cards ad hoc, including bank payment and debit cards as well as Bizum, making the payment process simpler and easier for users. These payment methods are ideal for restaurants as they typically require low-value transactions, streamlining transactions in this area.Integrating maps specifically for restaurants into these platforms simplifies management and control by businesses. This is achieved by setting days of use or daily spending limits, which excludes irregular use, as was the case with checkbooks. In addition, within certain established limits, users have the option to deduct these expenses as “daily allowances” and the beneficiaries are not obliged to pay taxes on these incomes.“, Explain Lopez.

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This is a market that generates millions of transactions every year and that is gradually introducing the most advanced payment methods, such as wallets from different platforms and those offered by giants such as Google and Apple. In addition, these solutions make it easier to divide allowable daily expenses into very small installments, a facility previously unavailable with checkbooks.

Make payments the way you prefer, through any channel

The incorporation of Bizum for personal payments on Worldline’s own platform reiterates its commitment to providing its customers with a variety of hassle-free payment options. This end-to-end integrated solution includes devices, endpoints, platforms, payment gateways, software, hosts and other components. All of this is in a maximum security environment designed for this Prevent fraud and ensure the approval of transactions by the issuer.

Omnichannel in fast food

One of the key sectors where Bizum will gain a foothold in the personal payments space is restaurants, fast food and food delivery. “It’s common for people to place their order over the phone or through an app and then leave it paid for. This is the most convenient method for businesses as the person making the delivery does not need to handle cash or carry a terminal. Since these payments are not large, the integration of Bizum will be of great importance“, emphasized Lopez.

The goal is to be able to serve the customer in any scenario, be it in the restaurant, from the car or at home, regardless of whether the delivery is made by the seller or through a third party. “All these ecosystems must coexist, especially at a time when, due to the reduction in banks’ exchange rates, companies accept any type of transaction, regardless of the amount, through cards or other non-cash means.“Adds López.

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