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Worldcoin crypto makes first critical adjustments

Much-discussed crypto 'Worldcoin' appears on Dutch exchange

It newly launched crypto network Worldcoin (WLD) has made a first round of adjustments. The online security consultancies, Nethermind and Least Authority, found a number of security vulnerabilities with Worldcoin. Many of these problems now appear to have been resolved.

Worldcoin crypto does initial security checks

Recently, the quite revolutionary network launched Worldcoin and the corresponding coin WLD. The network uses a new, but controversial, system called ‘proof of humanity’. This means that proof is required for registration crypto to access the network. Worldcoin does this with a scan of the user’s iris.

Now that Worldcoin has just been launched, it was time for a first critical look at the network. The system is been in the making for some time, but often certain problems in the code are not noticeable until after launch. Typically, crypto consultancies are then hired to find problems. That was this time also the case.

Nethermind found 26 issues in Worldcoin’s code, 24 of which have been fixed. Of the remaining two, one issue was partially resolved and the other is still being worked on. Least authority found three problems and also made six suggestions to improve the system. These problems have now all been resolved and the solutions implemented.

Criticism of proof-of-humanity crypto design

Worldcoin’s proof-of-humanity system is unique to the crypto industry, which is known for its anonymity. It therefore does not go without the necessary criticism. Users must scan their iris with a device called ‘the orb‘. The technique has received a lot of criticism regarding privacy laws. However, founder assures Sam Altman the public that the device does not violate users’ privacy. The device makes a scan of the iris and converts it into a hash that the customer can use on the network. According to him, the scan will not be saved and will not be sent to third parties.

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