World Sleep Day: Rohit Sharma loves to sleep, takes a nap even in the middle of the match

Today is ‘World Sleep Day’. This day is celebrated every year on March 17. ‘World Sleep Day’ was born with the aim of transmitting the benefits of sleeping well and how it can be healthy. By the way, generally all people really like to sleep. Some people like it so much that they take a “power nap” even in the middle of work. Indian captain Rohit Sharma is also one of them.

Rohit Sharma has been seen taking a nap in the middle of the match on a few occasions. He was also seen taking a “power nap” during the final match of Mumbai Indians and Rising Pune Supergiants in IPL 2017. Falling asleep in such an important match, one can understand how much this veteran player likes to sleep.

It is said of Rohit Sharma that he does not get up early in the morning, also does not do yoga and does not practice many times. When asked in an interview about Rohit’s laziness and his love of sleeping, he replied, “Yes, I love to sleep.” But before every match, I think a lot about myself and my game strategy until late at night and that’s why I don’t get up early the next morning.

During this, Rohit had joked with his fellow players, saying, “My fellow players who claim that I don’t wake up on time for yoga and I don’t practice matches, these are the people who sleep without thinking about the match. Let’s go.” That’s why he gets up on time on game day.

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