Home Sports World Rugby introduces a clock for stick kicks

World Rugby introduces a clock for stick kicks

World Rugby introduces a clock for stick kicks

Rugby joins the trend of streamlining the game by restricting the time players take to execute certain actions. As in tennis, basketball or baseball, since January 1, world rugbythe International Federation, will implement a clock to prevent penalty shots thrown at sticks or kicks for touch from being delayed too much.

From then on, kickers will have 90 seconds to search for the H and 60 if they want a lineout kick. A measure similar to the 24 seconds of possession in basketball or the pitch clock that MLB will introduce in its next season. The objective is to increase the effective game time and for this other additional rules will be introduced.

For example, the consultation times for the TMO, the video arbitration system, will also be reduced. And the entrances to the field of the water carriers, who will now only be able to perform after a rehearsal. Tournaments beyond World Rugby’s control, such as the Six Nations, will be spurred on to adapt to the changes.

On the other hand, some aspects related to intentional advances have been clarified. Those in which it is evident that there was a possibility that the player who commits it would get possession will be exempt from penalty. “These guidelines, designed to assist referees, players and coaches and to enhance the fan experience, are part of an attempt to speed up the game and reflect important aspects of the November State of the Game Conference,” World Rugby said. it’s a statement.

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