World Cup T20: When Rishabh Pant Accidentally Got Up At Bat, Now The Video Is Going Viral

Something happened during the India-Namibia match at the T20 World Cup, after which Rishabh Pant was praised on social media. In fact, during the Namibia batting, when Nicole Lofty-Eaton dove to complete a run, her bat touched Rishabh Pant’s leg. Pant did his best to save his leg with the bat, but he eventually sat down at the bat. After this happened what usually happens after someone stumbles in Indian homes, that is, Pant accepted his mistake by touching the bat with his hand with respect.

The video that captures these moments of the match is now shared on social networks. Rishabh is highly appreciated by users. In sharing the video, one user has written, ‘Rishabh Pant’s respect for the bat’, while some users have also shared it saying that this is our culture.

At the T20 World Cup, India defeated Namibia by nine wickets in their last match. Batting first, Namibia scored 132 runs, in response, Team India lost just 1 spot and recorded victory in the 16th over. It was a consolation victory for the Indian team. With this, Team India has said goodbye to the World Cup. After losing their first match, the Indian team was already on the verge of being left out of the World Cup. The team’s last hope came from the Afghanistan-New Zealand match, where New Zealand’s victory left Indian cricketers disappointed.


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