World Cup Qatar 2022: France is the first classified to the round of 16

World Cup Qatar 2022: France is the first classified to the round of 16

France beat Denmark 2-1 in a great game in the continuity of the second date of Group D of Qatar World Cup 2022, and it became So in the first classified to the eighth of end.

In the plugin, Kylian Mbappé scored the double for the victory of the team led by Didier Deschampswho won the two matches he played with authority. Andreas Christensen had temporarily equalized for the Danesa very tough opponent who with better aim might have given the big blow at 974 Stadium.

on the third date of this group stage, the current world champion will face Tunisia, while Denmark will fight the second ticket to eighths hand in hand with Australia.

The start found the Danes with greater possession of the ballalthough without hurting too much. The current world champion looked askance at the harmless touching of his rivaluntil Dembélé recovered a ball in the middle of the defensive zone, he crossed the entire field like an arrow, but when he reached the area his attempt did not go any further.

While Eriksenthe Viking armorer, was pulling the strings in offense, France was betting to the associated game that Griezmann and Rabiot proposed with the wingers that were projected and at the characteristic speed of Mbappé. As if that were not enough, he did not blush for throwing crosses looking for Giroud’s head, the definitive replacement for Karim Benzema, the winner of the last Ballon d’Or who suffered from his injury and left the French concentration.

It didn’t happen too much and on half an hour Mbappé rocked on the righthe took his marker for a walk and sent a cross that Koundein full attack position, could not resolve well. Right awayKounde himself combined with griezmann and the auction of this demanded to Schmeichelwho avoided the fall of his bow with his left foot.

Deschamps’ men began to tilt the field, but in a withering counter Corneliusat full power, had his chance with a shot that went off next to a post. The game took off and Giroud won from above, but his header was deflected. In that, Dembélé -in a doubtful position- escaped to the right and looked for Mbappé, but the PSG star sent her to the Persian Gulf.

after the break, Mbappé combined with Dembélé, who returned it a bit long and into the hands of the Danish goalkeeper. But Denmark he was a little more determined and in the corner kicks the big men dominated the area defended by Lloris in search of heading, which generated a lot of work for the last gala line.

But when Mbappé turned on, he was unstoppable. and tested Schmeichel’s good reflexes. France kept warning when Tchouameni with a fantastic pass put Griezmann in front of the goal, who did not know how to take advantage of it. And then came the goal with an escape from the side Theo Hernández, who ended up giving the right pass for Mbappé to open the account.

Denmark was touched But He did not despair and immediately reached equality after a corner and a double header: first he lowered it the giant Andersen and then Christensen, that is not exactly a dwarf, completed the job to shake the French nets.

Now it was France that felt the blow, to such a point that his archer and captain he had to save the potatoes before an auction point blank from Damsgaard. The match at this point he was extremely attractiveback and forth. Deschamps rushed changes and was able to unbalance with a header from Tchouameni who swerved at Maehle, and a half scissor from Rabiot.

The game did not give breath and in the replica who lost it was the entered Braithwaiteanother former Barcelona. But near the end the one that would take the victory would be France, after a center sharp of Griezmann that Mbappé pushed to the goal to leave your selection as the first classified to the round of 16. Y candidate to repeat the crown.


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