World Cup Qatar 2022: France and Mbappé were a lot for Poland

The selected of France defeated 2-0 his pair of Poland at Al Thumama Stadium, Y with this result qualified to the quarter finals of World Cup Qatar 2022.

Before the break, Olivier Giroud put the French on top led by Didier Deschamps, that increased account in the complement with a doublet of kylian mbappethe scorer of the contest with five conquests.

The current defending world title holder will play like this the next instance against England or Senegal, who were playing next.

The first foul of the Poles came after 20 seconds and the victim was Griezmann, also in charge of a dangerous free kick that did not go any further. It was the button that in principle would be the perfect sample of how the rest of the game would develop. Immediately, based on Dembélé’s dynamics, a corner kick by the Atlético Madrid striker found Varane’s header that went wide.

Standing backlash and while defending himself, Poland from time to time pressed up when the game was taking place in French territory, such as when goalkeeper Lloris, in an effort to play out, compromised his teammates on the last line.

Until Mbappé went into action to the left and scattered good Cash, who couldn’t stop him even with the help of Krychowiak. The Paris Saint-Germain star sent out sharp centers that they turned on the alert in the goalkeeper Szczesnywho had to work hard to first deflect a powerful shot from Tchouameni and then a shot from Dembélé.

Czeslaw Michniewicz’s team held on as best they could and had the solitary Lewandowski as the leader of an attack that, except for a hasty shot from the captain from outside the area, did not quite start. The complete opposite of France, which when it attacked was scary and even flourished with cue plays right under the nose of the Polish goalkeeper.

Dembélé took advantage of a little gift from the reckless Frankowski on the right and served it to Giroud, but the Milan striker seemed to get tangled up with his own legs facing the goal and squandered an unbeatable chance.

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Poland wanted to come out of its lethargy with a dangerous free kick from Lewandowski that hit the wall and a shot at Cash’s run that went wide. In the replica, the intractable Mbappé again snubbed a defender, but he couldn’t break the solid Szczesny. For now.

Even so, France spent a real hot flash when bereszynski managed to escape to the left and enabled Kaminski, whose bombing could be diverted by Lloris and, already on the reboundthe same midfielder finished off again, but Varane rejected on the line.

The process was exciting. the goal prowled both fences, but it would only arrive when Giroud, after receiving a magnificent pass from Mbappé, defined the cross for put your team ahead and become the top French artilleryman.

Immediately, another shot from Kaminski hit Griezmann providentially and from that corner Lloris showed some doubts. France went to the locker room with a deserved, albeit slim, advantage.

start of the complement he awarded a free kick to Griezmann which Szczesny was able to clear with his fists. Totally Overturned in attack, France played and played and wanted to quickly settle the lawsuit against a Poland that did not react, but that, judging by what was seen in the first stage, could cause him some displeasure. Even dropper.

The roosters they dominated at ease and piacere. So they increased the result after the Poles, rarely devoted to attack, suffered a withering counter after a clearance from Griezmann in full defensive position, Giroud brought it down with class and enabled mbappethat He did not forgive and at the end he lowered the curtain with another great goal to put in a picture.

It was too much for the rough Poland, that despite that the Venezuelan referee insisted on giving him a penalty that Lewandowski just exchanged for a goal on a second chance ahead of Lloris, who a priori had stopped him, said goodbye to Qatar.

In counterpart, this new victory ignited a lovely France the illusion of putting on the crown again Obtained in Russia 2018.

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