World Cup 2023: Ravindra Jadeja will have to contribute with the bat, there are no questions about bowling and fielding.

Ravindra Jadeja impressed with his play in the Asia Cup tournament. The all-rounder particularly impressed with his bowling and fielding. Ravindra Jadeja’s form ahead of the World Cup is a good sign for the Indian team. However, former India player Gautam Gambhir has expressed his reaction to Ravindra Jadeja’s game. Gautam Gambhir opened up about where Ravindra Jadeja has to work ahead of the World Cup. He said that Ravindra Jadeja excelled in bowling and fielding but needed to improve in batting.

Gautam Gambhir said that Ravindra Jadeja has the ability to bowl 10 overs for you on any pitch. Other than that, this player has no answer in fielding. But when you come to bat at number 7, you have to do your part as a batsman. Your team cannot field with only 6 batsmen. According to Gautam Gambhir, Ravindra Jadeja is an excellent bowler and fielder but improvement in batting is needed.

Gautam Gambhir said that at the number where Ravindra Jadeja comes to bat, you often need 80-90 runs in 10 overs. But will Ravindra Jadeja be able to win the match for you in such conditions? For this, it is important that Ravindra Jadeja works on his batting. At the same time, the Indian team will play a series of three ODI matches against Australia before the World Cup. The first ODI match of the India-Australia series will be played on September 22 in Mohali.

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