World champion Lionel Messi invests in Web3 and NFT football game

Match daya new startup targeting web3 and gaming, recently raised $21 million in an investment round. One of the investing parties is Play Time, the investment firm of world-famous footballer Lionel Messi.

World champion and crypto investor

The Argentinian attacker of Paris Saint Germain won the World Cup a few months ago, but Messi is also active off the field. The investment in Matchday is not the first time he has entered the waters of the NFT sector.

Messi is also an ambassador for the well-known NFT football game Sorare and fan token platform Socios. Although Web3 sports games are not yet known to the general public, such as the Playstation or Xbox games, a lot of money is already involved. In 2021, the aforementioned Sorare was valued at $4.3 billion, raising $680 million in investments.

The platform also obtained official licenses from hundreds of teams and several international football competitions. Although the Web3 sports gaming sector is not yet very well known, it already involves huge amounts of money. It seems only a matter of time before the NFT sports game industry blows up. Matchday is now officially licensed by FIFA, the governing body behind the football world championship, and the FIFPRO Players Association.

Gaming important for crypto?

The gaming sector is now also a large part of blockchain networks. DappRadar announced in January that these games are even responsible for half of all blockchain activity.

The data suggests that gaming is the most widely used application for blockchain technology. With the growing activity and increasing interest from investors, this sector seems to be on the rise.

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Despite this advance, however, users are reluctant. While more and more gaming companies are embracing the idea of ​​NFTs, players are concerned that this will only lead to more money laundering in their favorite computer games.

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