Workers unions propose a 35% salary increase and call for dialogue for next Thursday

Sindicatos de trabajadores proponen aumento salarial de 35% y llaman a diálogo para próximo jueves

The workers’ unions reported on Tuesday the call for the National Salary Committee for next Thursday, January 19, with the purpose of starting a dialogue in search of a 35% salary increase for workers.

During a press conference, the representatives of the National Confederation of Trade Union Unity (CNUS), the Autonomous Classist Trade Union Confederation (CASC) and the National Confederation of Dominican Workers (CNTD) commented that they have already chosen their spokespersons, members and substitutes, as well as that the official body did, for purposes of this dialogue.

However, they stressed that only the employer sector is yet to name its representatives.

Gabriel del Río, president of CASC, explained that the percentage increase proposed is so that workers can respond to accumulated inflation.

Del Río commented that this indicator represents a great weight for that working class, which caused a decrease in their purchasing power at real wages.

He said that they support and promote the idea of ​​the Ministry of Labor to make a social pact for salary, which allows each year to make the adjustments of place.


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