The Ministry of Public Works and Communications began work on reconstruction of the collapsed dock of Sabana de la Mar in Hato MayorThis was announced by the executive director of the Dominican Port Authority (Apordom), Jean Luis Rodríguez.

“This process that began in July will have two parts, first, Public Works for the construction of the new pier and second, the intervention that the Port Authority will make to guarantee the proper use and operation of the work,” Rodríguez said in a note sent to the media. Communication.

The note indicates that from the early hours of this Tuesday, the concession company of the work, began the unloading of construction materials for the work and the first steps for the intervention of the dock.

“For our president and our management it is a priority to provide a solution to this problem that endangers and endangers the lives of hundreds of citizens of Hato Mayor and Samaná who use it as a means of transport, in addition to the fishermen who use it as an anchor. for its fishing, as of today this will begin to remain in history ”, highlighted Jean Luis Rodríguez.

Prior to the authorization for the reconstruction of the Sabana de la Mar dock, which will entail an investment of more than RD $ 30 million, an evaluation of the dock infrastructure and studies were carried out to ensure that a new atmospheric phenomenon does not damage the infrastructure.

The investment for the rehabilitation of the Sabana de La Mar dock would include, in addition to the breakwater, an area for the docking of fishing boats and a warehouse for fishermen, as well as a surveillance area.

Rodríguez highlighted said that the construction of this pier has been considered a priority within the National Plan for the Construction and Removal of Fishing Docks carried out by the Port Authority.

He added that it will have modern characteristics that will allow citizens to use it as a viewpoint, but at the same time they can dock boats and yachts that make the journey to Samaná and others that carry out aquatic and fishing activities in the area.

The fishing docks project is an initiative of the management of Jean Luis Rodríguez at the head of the Port Authority that seeks to reactivate the economy, local development and the revitalization of the fishing production of the communities that are dedicated to this activity in the coastal zone of the country, enhancing the organization of the sector making it more productive, competitive and efficient.



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