WordPress Breaks Time Barriers: Introducing a 100-year website plan

For almost 20 years, WordPress.com has been used by many people as a website building platform. Now the company has decided to launch something special: the 100 year plan Designed to ensure your online presence lasts for generations.

WordPress featured this new plan in a blog post, stating that it’s ideal for preserving family history, including photos and stories, for your descendants; Protect your company’s past, present and future. and create a stable online space that adapts to whatever the technological future brings.

WordPress.com is hugely popular for its website building tools, but this new 100-year plan aims to improve the user experience even more with features like the following:

  • Domain registration for a century, securing your web address.
  • Multiple backups worldwide and submission to the Internet Archive.
  • Support for transferring website ownership during life changes.
  • Top managed WordPress hosting with speed and security.
  • Dedicated support from the moment you express your interest.

Speaking of the new plan, Matt Mullenweg, CEO and co-founder of WordPress.com said:

Whether it’s giving a newborn the special gift of a domain and home for life online, or putting something in your will to ensure your site and story is accessible to future generations, I hope that this plan makes people and other companies think about building for the long term.

Of course, it may not be suitable for all users, but this new offering wants to offer users something that can be seen as an investment in their future.

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