Wordle: Strategies to win in the fashion game

wordle, a seemingly simple online word game, has undergone a meteoric rise since its release last fall, going from 90 players a day in November to 300,000 in early January, and 2 million last weekend.

Every day there is a new word to guess, and players only have six chances to find out by typing words.

players start typing any five letter word. Those letters that are in the word to guess, but in the wrong place, are colored yellow. If they are in the right place, they become green. If they are not in the word, they become ashes

Wordle’s popularity is due in part to the fact that, in an age when apps aggressively compete for users’ time, the game was deliberately created to be played once a day and only via an ad-free website. .

What are the best strategies to win?

The game has proven popular with mathematicians, who enjoy applying information theory to create the best strategies for success.

The Quantian account shared an algorithm that he says returns the answer 50% of the time, or a choice of three 90% of the time:

  1. Type the word “INCREASE” first

  2. Find the resulting pattern in the following table and type the word in that pattern

  1. Enter the correct answer (approximately 50% of the time you will find it unambiguously and 90% of the time you will get 3 or fewer chances)

others calculated which words are the best to start with and maximize your chances of success. One suggestion is to start with «bye “, which has many vowels.

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Tim Gowers, Cambridge professor of mathematics, suggested choose two words with many commonly used letters in which none are repeated, for example “Tripe” Followed by “Coals”.

Gowers explained that the game tapped into the theory of entropy, which is a measure of how much information is needed to specify a given object (Wordle’s word of the day) from a collection of objects (all five-letter words in Wordle’s dictionary). ).

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