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Wonderful improvement of Red Bull to avoid the debacle of Verstappen and Checo Pérez

The engineers of the Austrian team have developed a new evolution of their RB19

Red Bull still working on a major improvement in his attempt to prevent the Spanish, Fernando Alonso from his Aston Martin team from getting closer and closer to his pilot Checo Pérez, second overall in the Formula 1 World Championship, behind his teammate Max Verstappen.

the asturian Fernando Alonso is living a second youth at 42 years old at the wheel of Aston Martin, adding six podiums and being third in the World Championship, 19 points behind the Mexican Checo Pérez, a difference that he will try to shorten this weekend at the Hungaroring. That’s why Red Bull is working on an improvement.

Red Bull improves
From Red Bull they will implement an improvement to prevent Alonso from approaching Checo

The news is to prevent Fernando Alonso from getting the 33rd in his F1 career

To prevent it, Red Bull has presented its third version of the sidepods and floor for the RB19 in Hungary. Having given a further twist to its engineering in search of maximizing the bodywork of its cars. And it is that Alonso seeks his victory 33.

Thus, the Austrian team will present in Hungary air inlets to the air and oil radiators that are much higher and narrower. Being visibly delayed compared to the previous ones, which were also much finer, as Albert Fabrega shows in his social network profile, Twitter.

The new improvement of Red Bull will be put to the test at the Hungaroring in Budapest

The entrance mouth is taller and elongated horizontally, leaving a wide channel at the bottom towards the ground below. This trend has been followed by all teams, including Aston MartinFerrari and McLaren, although now it has been taken to its maximum expression by Red Bull.

Finally, it was known that this also eliminates the channel, bathtub or slide. That is to say, the upper depression with which an attempt was made to redirect the air that passes over the sides. The evolution, now, is completely smooth, creating very clean lines and more typical of another era.

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