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Wonder Woman 3 may not happen despite recent claims from Gal Gadot

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The universe is completely reworked direct current in the cinema is currently in the process of healing its wounds from the interstellar fiascos The Lightning And Blue Beetle which will have caused the loss of almost half a billion dollars Warner Bros. Discovery. Nevertheless, the company is well saved by the pharaonic film music Barbie what accumulates $1.381 million in worldwide earnings. The entire staff of DC movies, James Gunn and Peter Saffron In the main role we are waiting for the arrival of the latest film from the snyderverseAquaman: The Lost Kingdom – before you turn the page.

In this mishmash GalGadot came to throw a stone in the pond in July and reiterated this before the actors’ strike of the SAY AFTRA :

“From what I’ve heard from James and Peter, we’re going to be developing Wonder Woman 3 together. »

In another interview, the actress was a little more measured, only confirming that things were going on behind the scenes. Gold, diversity has since contradicted the claims of GalGadotwhich is confirmed by a reliable source Saffron And Gunn had previously only planned a single spin-off to the Amazons with the title paradise lostto further exploit the mythology wonder woman on the small screen. The show should hit home HBO Max. Only there will be no trace of the princess Diana since the story would take place well before his presence.

James Gunn and Peter Saffron never officially announced whether GalGadot would it be again wonder woman For DCU Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters. Well, we’ll see Batman be reconsidered The brave and the brave And superman For the movie legacy, wonder woman should also have a brand new actress to portray.

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