Women’s Race 2022 in Madrid: schedules, route, traffic cuts and affected streets

Madrid is preparing to host this Sunday one of the most emblematic races in the capital: the 2022 Women’s Race, which will pass through some of the best-known routes in the capital and in which the color pink will once again flood the streets of Madrid

Schedules of the Women’s Race 2022 in Madrid

The start of the ‘Central Lechera Asturiana’ Women’s Race in Madrid will take place at 9:00 on Calle Serrano, when the main streets of Madrid will turn pink with nearly 30,000 participants.

Route of the Women’s Race 2022 in Madrid

The route of the Women’s Race 2022 in Madrid will consist of a 7-kilometer route that will cross several prominent streets of the capital. The start will be on Calle Serrano, near the National Library and the Archaeological Museum, to head for Puerta de Alcalá and from here go down Calle de Alfonso XII. From here they will go down to the Paseo de la Infanta Isabel to head for Plaza del Emperador Carlos V (Atocha). From here, the runners will go up the right side of Paseo del Prado to pass through Cibeles and, after going up Recoletos, reach Plaza de Colón. Here they will turn to continue along Calle Génova and Calle Sagasta, Carranza and Alberto Aguilera before arriving in Argüelles. From there they will face the last kilometer that will take them along Calle Marqués de Urquijo and Calle de Francisco y Jacinto Alcántara before reaching the finish line at Paseo Camoens, in Parque del Oeste.

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Traffic cuts and streets affected by the 2022 Women’s Race in Madrid

From the Madrid City Council they point out that, on the occasion of the Women’s Race, traffic cuts may occur in the streets through which the route passes between 9:00 and 11:45 this Sunday. In the case of Calle Serrano, where the start will be located, the traffic closures could last from 6:00 to 12:00 due to the assembly and disassembly of the race start.

The streets affected by the traffic cuts during the celebration of the Women’s Race in Madrid 2022 are:

– Highlander

– Independence Square

– Alfonso XII

– Walk of the Infanta Isabel

– Roundabout of Carlos V

– Paseo del Prado

– Neptune Square

– Plaza de Cibeles

– Recoletos Walk

– Columbus Square

– Genoa

– Alonso Martinez Square

– Sagasta

– Carranza

– Ruiz Jimenez Roundabout

– Albert Aguilera

– Marquis of Urquijo

– Francisco and Jacinto Alcantara

– Walk of Camoens

For this reason, the Madrid City Council recommends the use of public transport to travel with a private vehicle near the affected streets or the use of the M30 and M40 for long-distance journeys.

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