Women’s Nations League draw: Schedule and location to watch on TV and online today

A few weeks ago, the Spanish women’s soccer team won a pass Women’s Nations League Final Foureven before they played the final day of the group stage, where they staged a comeback win against Sweden.

It was precisely the defeat against Sweden that led to the elimination of the Spaniards, who will be in the pot of the draw that will determine the pairings of this crucial phase about tickets for the Olympic Games in Paris.

Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands are fighting for the double prize of becoming champions of the European tournament and being included in the team aiming for the Olympic medal.


The mating draw will take place this Monday, December 11th, from 1:00 p.m. (CET). and the pairings for the final phase in February as well as the promotion and relegation play-offs will be determined.

The draw can be followed live on the official UEFA channels. From SPORT we also offer it to you live with our current story.

The finals will be played as single-elimination games and there will be no seedings for the semi-final draw. The four balls with the names of the four League A group winners are placed in a single container. The first ball indicates the home team in Semi-Final 1 while the second ball indicates the visiting team for the same semi-final. The same format will be applied for the second semi-final.


The final phase of the championship It will take place from February 21st to 28th, 2024. The winners of the two semi-finals on February 23rd advance to the final and the losing teams play the game for third place on February 28th. A tie between the semi-final pairings will determine the potential local teams for the final and third place game.

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The two finalist teams will be awarded the Olympic spot, joining France, whose place as hosts has already been secured. Should France reach the final, the third-place team will take the remaining Olympic spot.

In addition, the promoted and relegated teams from groups A, B and C of the Women’s Nations League will also be determined during this period.

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