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Women’s Handball World Cup: classified teams, format, matches and second phase schedule

After the first screening of the World Cup with the dispute of the preliminary phase, 24 teams have secured their place in the Main Round, the main round of the tournament that will give the eight places in the quarterfinals. An objective that, a priori, is easier for those teams that have completed the first round with full triumphs and that accumulate these points in this Main Round. Below we review which teams are classified for the next round and the calendar and schedule of the matches of the second phase.

Teams classified for the second phase

The teams that have already secured a place for this second phase of the Women’s Handball World Cup are: France, Montenegro and Slovenia (Group A); Russia, Serbia and the Russian Handball Federation (Group B); Norway, Kazakhstan and Romania (Group C), the Netherlands, Puerto Rico and Sweden (Group D), Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic (Group E); Denmark, South Korea and Congo (Group F); Brazil, Japan and Croatia (Group G); and Spain, Argentina and Austria (Group H).

Second phase format

The top three teams from each group in the Preliminary Round advance to the Main Round, where four groups of six teams will be composed of the top three from one group and the top three from the next group. In this way, the first three of group A will be measured with the first three of group B, the first three of group C with the three best of group D, the first three of group E with the first three of group F and the three best of Group G with the three best ones of Group H. The two best teams of each group will reach the quarterfinals of the tournament.

Matches and schedule of the second phase

Wednesday December 8

18:00 | Germany – Congo

18:00 | Brazil – Austria

20:30 | Denmark – Hungary

20:30 | Spain – Japan

15:30 | Czech Republic – South Korea

15:30 | Croatia – Argentina

Thursday December 9

15:30 | France – Poland

15:30 | Kazakhstan – Sweden

15:30 | Montenegro – Serbia

15:30 | Norway – Puerto Rico

15:30 | Netherlands – Romania

15:30 | Russia – Slovenian

Friday December 10

18:00 | Hungary – Congo

18:00 Japan – Austria

15:30 | South Korea – Germany

15:30 | Argentina Brazil

20:30 | Czech Republic – Denmark

20:30 | Croatia – Spain

Saturday December 11

15:30 | Slovenia – Poland

15:30 | Kazakhstan-Netherlands

15:30 | Montenegro-Russia

15:30 | Romania-Puerto Rico

15:30 | Serbia-France

15:30 | Sweden-Norway

Sunday December 12

20:30 | Denmark – Germany

20:30 | Spain – Brazil

18:00 | South Korea – Hungary

15:30 | Argentina – Japan

15:30 | Congo – Czech Republic

18:00 | Austria – Croatia

Monday December 13

15:30 | Netherlands-Norway

15:30 | Poland-Montenegro

15:30 | Puerto Rico-Kazakhstan

15:30 | Russia-France

15:30 | Serbia-Slovenia

15:30 | Sweden-Romania

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