Home Sports Women’s Eurobasket 2023: matches, groups, draw and crosses

Women’s Eurobasket 2023: matches, groups, draw and crosses

Women's Eurobasket 2023: matches, groups, draw and crosses

The women’s Eurobasket is getting closer. The great continental event will begin on June 15 and will last until June 25. With several venues, as has been customary lately in FIBA ​​competitions, Spain will play its matches between Slovenia and Israel. The groups that will be in the tournament are already known, as we narrate below:

  • Group A: Spain, Montenegro, Latvia and Greece.
  • B Group: Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic and Israel.
  • Group C: Germany, Slovenia, France and the United Kingdom.
  • Group D: Serbia, Türkiye, Slovakia and Hungary.

The tournament will have two phases. The first will be played on the 15th, 16th and 18th, with the 17th rest. The first of each group (4) will qualify directly for the quarterfinals, while the second and third will play a crossover of the round of 16, pairing the teams from groups A and B on the one hand (day 19 in Tel Aviv) and on the other. groups C and D for another (day 20 in Ljubljana).

The second and final phase will be played entirely in the capital of Slovenia. The quarterfinals are set for the 22nd, the semifinals for the 24th and the final and the match for bronze, for the 25th.. The losing teams in the quarterfinals will play for the classification from 5 to 8.

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