Home Sports Women’s basketball 3×3 and sailing go to the Bolivarianos

Women’s basketball 3×3 and sailing go to the Bolivarianos

Baloncesto femenino 3x3 y vela salen a los Bolivarianos

The 3×3 women’s basketball and sailing teams left this Friday for the city of Valledupar, to join the Dominican delegation that is on Colombian soil to take part in the XIX Bolivarian Games.

The basketball and sailing athletes join others from the sports of fencing, bowling, handball, boxing and karate.

In the same way, on Saturday the Dominican national rugby team will join the delegation, who will have their first participation in games of this magnitude. The basketball players left for Colombian soil at 12:12 noon this Friday through the Las Américas International Airport, on a regular flight of the Avianca airline, while sailing left at 11:50 in the morning by the line Air Cup. The basketball team will have a stopover at the international airport of Bogotá, El Dorado Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento, while the sailing team will park in Panama, at the Tocumén aerodrome. Rugby will depart at 6:50 in the morning on Avianca. It will also stop in Bogotá. The Bolivarian Games are dated from June 24 to July 5, where some 11 countries and more than three thousand athletes will compete. The Dominican Republic will participate in 31 sports in Valledupar 2022.

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