Women entrepreneurs will be trained to export to Brazil

The trade between the Dominican Republic and Brazil it has been strengthened as a result of bilateral diplomatic relations, but it still has important niches to explore and exploit.

With remarkable pride, the Dominican office in Rio de Janeiro, Kalil Michel, refers that Dominican chacabanas are highly coveted by Brazilians, as are hair products and jewelry made from amber and larimar, for which he points out that there are great opportunities to take advantage of.

On a visit to the Listín Diario, accompanied by the President of the Dominican-Brazilian Chamber of Social Entrepreneurship, Renata de Melo Rosa and the general director of the Samba School “Empire of Tijuca”, Robson Typaya, the diplomat stressed that there are important opportunities for Dominican entrepreneurs.

Currently, the Dominican Consulate in Rio de Janeiro and the Dominican-Brazilian Chamber work hand in hand in a training program to train Dominican women entrepreneurs in the processes that allow them to export their products to the Brazilian market and that seeks to encourage them to take advantage of this great market.

The president of the Chamber, Renata de Melo Rosa stated that Today, Thursday, the first training meeting for businesswomen will be held free of charge. at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that the interest of the Chamber is that, through this program, Dominican entrepreneurs can learn about the export potential of their products in the Brazilian market.

He stated that then they will have some modules available on the website to provide information on the requirements to export to Brazil. He also added that they are working for the establishment of a Dominican House in Brazil that promotes the culture, economy and history of the Dominican Republic.

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Samba in Dominican
The director of the Samba School, Robson Typaya, highlighted the interest in establishing a samba school in the country and in bringing a Dominican troupe to the carnival in Rio de Janeiro.


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