Woman who kept mother’s body in freezer for 2 years arrested

In America, a woman has been arrested for keeping her 96-year-old mother’s body in a freezer for two years.

According to American media reports, a woman named Sabrina Watson, a resident of the state of Kentucky, reported the disappearance of her 96-year-old grandmother Regina Michalski, who lives in Chicago, to the police.

During a police investigation in Chicago, police found the body of Regina Michalski in a freezer in the garage of her home.

Police say evidence points to Regina Michalski’s death in March 2021. Since the body was kept in the freezer, due to which the body has become stiff. The cause of his death will be known only when the temperature of the body is not as per known.

Police arrested Regina Michalski’s 69-year-old daughter (Sabrina Watson’s mother), Eva Bratcher, who lived with her.

Eva Bracher is accused of covering up her mother’s death for more than 2 years by keeping her body in a freezer.

Eva Bratcher, 69, appeared in court Thursday on charges of concealing the death of her 96-year-old mother, Regina Michalski, and possessing a fake ID.

Investigating officers said that Eva Bracher has also been convicted of forgery. It is being determined that Eva was not misappropriating her mother’s government aid.

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