Woman goes to the hospital for a stomach ache and returns home with a baby

A woman who went to the hospital allegedly suffering from a stomach ache was surprised to find that she was in labor.

Jeniffer, a 29-year-old Venezuelan woman with two other children, never thought she could be pregnant, since her menstrual period came as usual.

The fact not only surprised her, but also the doctors, who describe it as strange, since it is possible that it usually happens in some patients with particular medical conditions, such as acute obesity and other illnesses, which the woman does not present.

According to the portal Noticias Caracol, the baby, whom they called Thomás, was born in perfect condition, without the woman even noticing a bulge in her belly.

“They told me that I was going into labor, I receive it as a blessing, I love him just like my other two children,” said the woman, who received the new family member without the necessary to cover him, since the situation It took more than surprise.

Her belly did not grow, but neither did she have the symptoms of a pregnant woman, said the woman, a native of the Antioquia community, who has left both the doctors who treated her and her neighbors in Shock.

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