Woman gives birth while her Tesla was on autopilot

The autopilot system gives many Tesla drivers sufficient confidence in unusual situations. In this sense, we reported some of them in the past, as drivers who fell asleep peacefully at the wheel. But the last story takes us to a new level.

In the United States, specifically in Philadelphia, a woman gave birth in the front seat of a Tesla. It all happened while the electric car was in autopilot (autopilot) mode.

The first-hand advanced news by The Philadelphia Investigator gives an account of a “long but turbulent trip to the hospital.” It all happened when Keating Sherry and Yiran Sherry took their three-year-old son to preschool in September.

As described by the family, Yiran Sherry’s waters broke when they were in the middle of traffic. As the contractions increased and the traffic progressed little, the couple made the decision.

Maeve Lily earned the nickname “Baby Tesla”

Keating Sherry marked the hospital as his destination and put the car on autopilot. With one hand on the wheel, he began to tend to the woman. “He was squeezing my hand to the point where I thought it would break,” Keating Sherry tells the Inquirer.

Keating and Yiran with Maeve (left) and Rafa
Keating and Yiran with Maeve (left) and Rafa. Credit: Judy Sherry / The Philadelphia Inquirer

Yiran would give birth to her daughter when they got to the hospital. And the nurses will have cut the baby’s umbilical cord while they were still in the front seat of Tesla. Once inside the hospital, the baby was immediately nicknamed “Baby Tesla.”

Although they pondered Tess’s name (after Tesla), the girl would eventually be called Maeve Lily. Thank you great Tesla engineers for the brilliant autopilot design, ‚ÄĚKeating Sherry says in the interview.

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