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Woman dies in the middle of a flight from Barcelona to Buenos Aires;

Image of the Ezeiza Airport, south of Buenos Aires.  (Special)

A 46-year-old Argentine woman who was traveling on an Iberia dFrom the Spanish city of Barcelona to Buenos Aires, he died on the way. The woman was traveling with her daughter and, although she received cardiovascular resuscitation for an hour and a half, she could not be saved.

On board, the woman had started having a panic attack with sweating, breathing difficulties and loss of consciousness, before arriving at Ezeiza airport.

While the plane was still in the air, the commander informed the rest of the passengers of the situation and once on the ground, the woman was received by the personnel of the Airport Security Police (PSA) and the Ezeiza Airport medical service, but she no longer had vital signs.

The exact cause of death is still unknown, but it is ruled out that it was a panic attack, which was the crew’s first estimate.


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