Woman Claims Satish Kaushik Was Killed For Rs 15 Crore, Delhi Police Are Investigating

A shocking claim regarding the death of the late actor Satish Kaushik has come to light. A woman has reportedly filed a complaint with the Delhi police in which she claims that she has been murdered. This woman is none other than the friend of Satish Kaushik and wife of businessman Vikal Malu. The woman claims that her husband killed Satish Kaushik over a dispute of Rs 15 crores. In her complaint to the police, the woman said that a few years ago her husband had taken Rs 15 million from Satish Kaushik. But her husband had no money to pay, so he committed murder over this dispute.

According to the ETimes report, the Delhi Police denied the possibility of an unnatural death of Satish Kaushik in regards to this matter. The source also revealed that the complaint filed by the woman with the Delhi police could not be verified. But the source also said that the final decision on this alleged complaint is yet to come, the police officers involved will confirm or deny the veracity of the complaint.

Another IANS report quoted Police Additional Deputy Commissioner (South West) Rajeev Kumar as saying: “Local police are in contact with Kaushik’s family, who have not raised any doubts about his death. Investigations carried out so far have been found. However, police action is underway.”

At the same time, ETimes also spoke to sources close to Satish Kaushik’s family about this matter. His close friends said that the claim of any foul play surrounding the death of Satish Kaushik is not true. The source told Satish that Kaushik died of cardiac arrest and that there was no conspiracy in his death. Earlier yesterday, the Delhi Police also issued a statement that they had received the preliminary autopsy report and that the cause of death was cardiac arrest due to coronary artery blockage associated with coronary artery disease.

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