Woman blows up her husband’s head with an express pot for being unfaithful

A woman tired of her husband’s infidelity “blowed up” her head with a pressure cooker. The events took place in the Peña municipality of Yaracuy state, in Venezuela, when the wife checked her spouse’s cell phone and found very compromising conversations. The story spread on social media.

The unfaithful man was taking a shower and he didn’t even think about his wife’s anger, who didn’t hold back and just came out of the bathroom and hit him with a pressure cooker in the head.

The elements of the Yaracuy State Police testified to the facts. Supervisor Carlos Arriechi together with his partner Luis González, reported a couple’s fight in one of the houses in the sector Sabaneta 2.

Upon arriving at the house, they found a subject “bathed in blood.” His wife had greeted him when he came out of the bathroom with a bang.

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Luckily for the infidel, the blow was not lethal. Bleeding, he ran out of the house as the woman hurled insults at him. The facts went viral.

The subject found protection in the elements of the Yaracuy State Police. Due to the injuries, he was transferred to the Comprehensive Diagnostic Center (CDI) closest to the house, while the woman was left arrested and placed at the order of the Prosecutor’s Office.

Through social networks, images of the unfaithful disgraced and already with stitches in the head were disseminated.

And… most importantly, the pot had some dents, but nothing that would endanger its continued use, yes, not as a weapon against infidels, but for cooking.

The story went viral on social media. Many were in favor of her wife, but they disapproved of having come to the aggression, in the end, she was arrested, while the unfaithful will continue to unleash her little adventures. Others described her as a toxic woman, but there was no shortage of those who recommended that she leave the infidel.


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