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Wolves and Juventus of Turin negotiate a trading card exchange

It happens that, facing one of the most complex transfer markets in the history of modern football, many clubs are not being able to suffocate their needs on the field of play and are failing to make a series of movements due to lack of money. It is the transfer window in which they have moved teams Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and surely Kylian Mbappé, but for smaller clubs it is not being so easy.

This is the case of Wolverhampton Wanderers, one of the teams of the Premier League which is immersed in an evident growth process. But under the orders of Bruno Lage, the English have not been able to complete their planning of the squad and want to hit the table by signing a footballer from the Juventus of Turin.

The proposed exchange

Right now, Wolves and Juventus of Turin are negotiating a possible change of cards that would have as main protagonists Aaron Ramsey and Rubén Neves. Why? Who would win?

The Juventus of Turin would get a midfielder who has grown a lot in the Premier League, many qualities with the ball and offensive at the time of leaning into the opponent’s area and taking advantage of his excellent shot from the middle and long distance.

Wolverhampton Wanderers, for their part, would get a footballer more than accustomed to the rhythm of the Premier League game, a high-quality midfielder with a high level to be able to combine near the crescent of the opposing area. Will they come to an agreement?


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