Witsel is fed up and values ​​leaving Atlético de Madrid

Axel Witsel, belgian soccer player Atletico Madrid, He has made some explosive statements in the concentration with his team with which he wanted to show his dissatisfaction with the role he currently has in the rojiblanco team under the orders of Diego Pablo Simeoneacting as a third center back instead of a defensive midfielder, something that the 33-year-old veteran footballer is not liking too much.

Witsel himself already made some statements at the time with which he showed his discomfort at the role he is having at Atlético de Madrid, something that has been repeated throughout the course, which has caused certain rumors about a possible departure of Axel Witsel at the end of the season, with the Belgian player having a good poster in several European leagues, this could be an interesting business option for the mattress team, which we remember was done with the veteran footballer at zero cost.

The Saul case is repeated

The change of position of an Atlético footballer is not something new with Simeonegiven that saul decided to go out to Chelsea at the time after delaying his position to the left side, something that ends up irritating and in what way the footballers of the rojiblanca squad, including a Axel Witsell that despite being the undisputed starter as third center-back, he has already made it clear that he is not at all in agreement with this new location that he is having at this start of the season in the Atletico Madrid, hoping to return to midfield when savic and gimenez become available again to occupy that area of ​​the field.

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