Withdrawal from Kabul, US announces flight every 39 minutes

Washington – Authorities have decided to launch an emergency air operation after US President Joe Biden refused to extend his withdrawal from Afghanistan.

According to media reports, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said during a press briefing in Washington that in the last days after the announcement of President Joe Biden, our priority will be military and military equipment, the United States will help the Allied forces with its troops.

Ninety-five flights will take off from Kabul Airport in 24 hours for a quick evacuation, meaning one plane will leave Kabul every 39 minutes, Kirby said.

A Pentagon spokesman said that 5,400 US personnel were on duty at Kabul Airport. Airport immigration and embassy staff were screening everyone, but no military personnel were stationed at the US embassy in Kabul.

John Kirby said that we are in constant touch with the Taliban at every stage, informing the Taliban what are our checkpoints? President Biden wants the evacuation mission to be completed on time.

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“Our commanders are telling the Taliban what documents are needed, what documents are needed for those who enter the airport,” Kirby said in a statement.

“We have a lot of ways to get out safely until the last flight, we know how to get ourselves out safely,” Tom Hank told the media.

In response to a question, John Kirby said that two members of Congress do not know the flight board like Nexus? What was the capacity of the flight? Can’t say how many passengers were to be brought at that time? It is true that he went to Afghanistan in a military plane.

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John Kirby further said that Pakistan’s role in the withdrawal from Afghanistan is very important and also the role of all Afghanistan’s neighbors is important.


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