Withdrawal from Afghanistan, important revelation of US general comes to light

Washington: The US withdrawal from Afghanistan has become a thing of the past. Is the US still present in Kabul? An important claim has been made.

According to media reports, 57,000 people were evacuated from Kabul to Qatar on the occasion of withdrawal from Afghanistan, however, about 1400 people are still at the US base.

Brigadier General Gerald Donoh told reporters that some of those evacuated from Qatar are still in the United States and some are in Europe, adding that most of the 1,400 people still in Qatar have been evacuated. They will be evacuated while a small group in need of medical assistance will remain there until they are able to travel.

Gen. Gerald said the Afghans and others were taken to the Elliott base, which was home to 17,500 people at a time. He said nine children were born at the airbase during the evacuation mission.

Thousands of people who did not have travel documents or had their visa applications under consideration or members of families whose immigration status was not clear after the early evacuation from Afghanistan are now waiting to leave for the United States in a third country. However, these Afghans now have to cross immigration barriers to enter the United States.

It should be noted that according to a conservative estimate, after the occupation of Afghanistan by the Taliban, the United States expelled about 124,000 Americans, Afghans and citizens of other countries from Afghanistan.


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