With wheelchairs, false beards or women’s clothing: that was the Israeli action in the hospital

The spectacular action of the Israeli armed forces in a hospital in the West Bank city of Jenin against Hamas terrorists hiding among patients and doctors lasted just 10 minutes and ended the lives of three key members of the militia that caused the June 7 attacks.

And according to the Israeli government, this is extremely important because one of the victims was planning an attack similar to the one that started the conflict, claiming nearly 1,200 Jewish lives and ending with the kidnapping of another hundred people.

The operation in the hospital It was incredibly precise.. The images captured by the hospital’s video cameras give a good idea of ​​this.

They were preparing new attacks

As the Israeli Defense Forces responsible for the attack said and reported by the country’s media such as the Times of Israel, the Hamas commando was hiding on the third floor of the hospital and was at the time of the attack its three members were in bed. The cell was supposedly planning impending terrorist attacks, inspired by Hamas’ attack on Israeli communities near Gaza on October 7th.

The operation at Ibn Sina Hospital in Jenin was carried out jointly by the Israel Defense Forces, the Shin Bet Security Service and the Yamam Police Counter-Terrorism Unit. The images show an unknown number of disguised officers, some with fake beards, others dressed as Muslim women, walking armed through the hospital’s hallways.

One of the officers carries a wheelchair while another carries a stroller.

With silenced weapons and in just 10 minutes

According to official sources, these are Israeli forces They entered the medical center at 5:30 a.m. dressed as doctors, nurses and Palestinian women, they made their way to a third-floor hideout and shot the shocked trio in their beds before escaping the building unharmed. The commandos reportedly used silenced weapons in the attack.

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The IDF, the Shin Bet and the police said this in a joint statement The terrorist cell’s leader, Muhammad Jalamneh, 27, had contact with Hamas officials abroad. Previously, he was injured while preparing a car bomb attack, other officers armed themselves for shooting attacks and was planning “an attack inspired by the events of October 7th”, the statement says. Jalamneh was spokesman for Hamas’ military wing in Jenin camp. A pistol found on Jalamneh’s body was confiscated during the raid, the IDF said.

The IDF identified the other two officers as brothers Muhammad and Basel Ghazawi. The former was involved in shootings against Israeli troops in the West Bank, while Basel was a member of the Palestinian terror group Islamic Jihad, according to army sources consulted by The Times of Israel.

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