With the war in Ukraine, fears about NATO and food security

Did you miss the latest events on the tensions in Ukraine? Do not panic, 20 minutes takes stock for you every evening at 7:30 p.m. Who did what ? Who said what? Where are we ? The answer below:

news of the day

The accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO is getting closer day by day and is causing tension. But Moscow is not alone in disapproving. According to the Turkish president, it would be a “mistake”. Ankara’s hostility is such that it threatens to block the accession of the two Nordic countries to the Alliance.

Membership of a country to NATO effectively requires the unanimity of the members of the Atlantic Alliance. For its part, Russia will suspend its electricity deliveries to Finland from Saturday. The decision looks like retaliation, even if the supplier RAO Nordic Oy mentions unpaid bills. Finland’s entry into NATO would “definitely” be a threat to Russia, the Kremlin reacted on Thursday.

sentence of the day

The EU has moved from a constructive economic platform, as it was created, to an aggressive and belligerent actor. »

This is a statement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at a press conference from Dushanbe, Tajikistan. As such, he judged that “kyiv’s desire to become a member of the European Union is not insignificant”.

The number of the day

500 million. This is the amount of new military aid to Ukraine decided by the European Union. EU funding to support the Ukrainian military effort “will thus be increased to 2 billion euros in total” since the start of the war on February 24, said the head of diplomacy Josep Borrell.

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The trend of the day

The grain basket of the world is being plundered. “Russia is stealing and confiscating goods and grain in eastern Ukraine,” Cem Özdemir, Germany’s agriculture minister, said on Friday, saying “this is a particularly repugnant way to wage war. . Between rising prices and food insecurity, “everyone is paying the price of war,” said Ukrainian Minister of Agriculture Mykola Solsky.

“It is Vladimir Putin’s strategy to use hunger as a weapon of war, in Ukraine and beyond”, for his part accused his German counterpart Cem Özdemir, believing that “Ukrainians have experienced this in the past in Soviet Union”, referring to the great famine, which took place in Ukraine in 1932 and 1933 and which caused several million deaths.

Olaf Scholz, for his part, “reminded” Vladimir Putin during a telephone interview of Russia’s “particular responsibility” for the world’s food supply, “particularly under tension due to the war” in Ukraine, according to a press release from the German Chancellery.

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