With the threat of a US default averted, Biden agreed to a deal with Speaker

Washington: President Joe Biden and Speaker McCarthy agreed on a deal to save America from default.

According to American media, President Joe Biden and Speaker McCarthy agreed to a deal to save the country from default in a telephone conversation.

Speaker McCarthy said the president had wasted a lot of time, but a deal had been reached for the people.

It should be noted that the US Treasury Secretary had given a deadline of June 5 for the legislation to avoid a default.

The Biden administration pushed to raise the debt ceiling while Republicans pushed for cuts.

Democrat leader Sajid Tarar while talking to AR Wani News said that America is going through a critical time, the way money is being spent on welfare projects, social works, Ukraine should be given a blank check. If there are, then negotiations on this were necessary.

He said that both parties understand that this matter should not be defaulted, the US defense system was at stake. I think they are very close to making a deal.

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