With the support of ECLAC, a time use survey will be applied in the country

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)through its Gender Affairs Division, offers its technical support to the National Statistics Office (ONE) for the implementation of a “Time Use” measurement survey, in the next national census.

The information was released by the senior social affairs officer of the Division of Gender Affairs of ECLAC, Lucia Scuro Sommain an interview given to Listín Diario during his visit to the country.

The ECLAC expert explained that time use measurement It is a tool to understand how men and women distribute time to carry out all the tasks in daily life linked to both the labor market and the domestic sphere.

He refers that the measurement of the use of time in other countries allows know the number of hours that each member of the family dedicates to daily actions both inside and outside the home and this offers the opportunity for governments to define more accurate public policies at the social and gender level.

“We have information from other countries in the region where the time spent on carrying water, transportation and other basic needs is determined. There are places where Women spend more than three hours a week carrying water and this tells us that if we put a closer water source we are saving these women’s time that they can invest in the labor market, in educational improvement, even in better care for household members,” explained the ECLAC expert.

He explained that what the data released so far indicates that men are linked to a greater extent to the public market, to the economy, while women spend more time on parenting, reproduction and household demands and affirmed that these are the differences that generate inequalities that create greater difficulties for women for their development.

He pointed out that this information allows define public policies for transportation, access to drinking water, care and other services that facilitate the access of men and women to balanced socioeconomic development.

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He stated that the country has an important track record in the production of official statistics through the National Statistics Office (ONE) and pointed out that it is currently proposed to apply a new “Time Use” survey.

DR advances in production of gender statistics
Lucia Scuro Somma highlighted that the Dominican Republic shows important advances in the production of statistics that reflect the reality of households in terms of gender.

He pointed out that Two data collections have been carried out on the use of timeone in 2016 and another in 2021, through a question module integrated into the application of the Continuous Household Survey applied by the ONE, where data is obtained on the time dedicated to daily tasks such as the care of girls and boys from 0 to 5 years, housework such as ironing, washing, scrubbing, preparing food and others.

He added that another survey is being designed to delve into issues such as care for people with disabilities, the elderlythe different tasks of caring for girls and boys.

Regional data
The ECLAC specialist explained that all the countries that have collected data on time use in the region show the same trend “in the time that men and women spend on paid and unpaid work, one third of the time spent by women is devoted to the market and two thirds is dedicated to the production of goods and services in the home, but in the case of men it is the opposite, of the 60 hours of total work of men, two thirds are for the market and one third for the home”.

He affirmed that the Dominican Republic, like the other countries in the region, maintains that trend in which women work more hours per week for work and for the home and the relationship between work between men and women is inverse.

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